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Date:April 14th, 2005 03:35 pm (UTC)

heres some stuff to help you with your hair

1. lathered up soap - this an old favorite. works well but tends to flake all over the place after a night of dancing (or sleeping for that matter). Just lather it up nice and thick, apply it to your hair and blow it dry. 2. elmer's glue - holds up for several days and won't run when it gets wet but make sure you distribute it evenly in your hair or you'll get big white clumps. You can dilute it slightly with water first or just go for it. Our buddy Crassoi has suggested the "blue glue" stuff that Elmer's makes. It dries clear so you're less likely to get the white clumps 3. Knox gelatin - this stuff is usually for cooking and can be found in any supermarket. Don't use knox if you plan on taking your hair down the next day. this shit is real good for keeping your hair up for a week straight. as long as you get the roots real good, it will look as good on day 5 as it did on day 1. the downside is that by the time you take the stuff out it has the consistency of dried rubber cement and your scalp will feel like someone has been pulling your hair for a week. Forget what the instructions say, the recommended mix ratio is 6 to 8 packs of knox to 1/2 cup of water. That will make it nice and dense so that it will require very little drying. 4. egg whites - another old favorite. works well but tends to flake after a while, like soap but not as bad. Holds up better in rain than soap does too. 5. lots and lots of hair spray - believe it or not, some of the biggest do's over the years have been held up on hair spray alone. the biggest downside is that this stuff stinks like hell. it can also be a bit pricey because you'll need to use most of the can per application and it usually only lasts for a day or so. 6. another suggestion that we recently got from our buddy Adam is to use that Joico Ice Mist stuff. We've never tried it but Adam says it'll hold for a good 3 or 4 days and it doesn't take too much per application. 7. Another new suggestion is Volumax Freezing Spray from our friend Shorty who said "it doesn't take much and it gets stiff as hell". Whatever you decide to use, make sure you hold your hair in place and blow it dry! One recent suggestion that we got was to use a hair pick to fan your hair before drying. 8. Our friend John suggests glue sticks. He says it's great for fins and small individual spikes and you don't even have to use a hair dryer if you don't mind holding your hair in place until it dries. 9. We've just heard about some stuff called Enjoy Texture Cream. It can be found at hair/beauty supply stores and it's kinda pricey but it's supposed to work really well. 10. Ricky Retardo recommends Murray's Pomade. It's pretty dense stuff so it only works well for short spikes up to two inches. 11. Jason from S. Daytona Beach, FL recommends Aussie Instant Freeze Maximum Hold. He suggests working it into your roots and then combing it up through your hair. He's had 15" spikes stay for up to two weeks with this stuff and it's alot easier to wash out than Elmer's glue. Plus it's cheap and easy to fix back up if you knock some spikes down after dancing at a show. 12. Here's a cheap and simple one from Jon. Use Rave 4x hold, it holds his 5" spikes up for a good three days or so before starting to fall apart. 13. Dean Stopka recommends using rubber cement! He says it only takes about 10 seconds to set and you don't even need a blow dryer. The obvious downside to this one is that it's very difficult to get out of your hair. Try this one at your own risk! 14. Chris Morris from Vacaville, CA suggests using a horse hair brush. He says if used right you can get your hair up in less than five minutes. He didn't mention where you can buy one (probably at any tack supply shop) but he did say that you can pick one up for around $5. 15. Chrissy No-Hawk recommends using Pump It Up spritz to make your hair rock hard which can be found in any beauty supply store or even Wal-Mart. 16. Babyface from Richmond, VA recommends using "Got 2 Be Glued" spiking glue which is available everywhere. It's good for hair up to four inches high and generally lasts around three days.
Date:April 14th, 2005 03:36 pm (UTC)

heres more

17. Sam from Michigan uses "Salon Selectives Controlled Substance Molding Putty". It only costs $2.50 a can and gets his 11 inch spikes up in minutes and lasts for around three days. 18. For those of you who like to put your hair up and leave it up for a long time, Max recommends using Elmer's wood glue. Your hair won't budge for three weeks with this stuff but it can take 5 to 10 washes to get the it out! 19. Danny boy recommends rubbing your hair with a knitted sweater or anything else that will create static electricity before putting your hair up. Once it's nice and statically-charged you can shove knox or whatever you choose to use in there. Using this method he got his friend's 13 inch fan mohawk up in less than five minutes. 20. In another example of good old punk rock ingenuity, Jordan recommends mixing different substances for good results. His favorite mixture is using soap to get your hair up and then coating it with hairspray to reinforce it. If done right, the combo will keep your hair up but still leave it bouncy so that there's no cracking or flaking. Another good combo, recommended for longer hair, is elmer's glue and hair spray. Jordan's 15+ inch mohawk stays up for days with it. 21. Salon Grafix freezing spray can be found in any drug store and has been used to keep 18" mohawks up for days. 22. Our friend Molly recommends applying Giga hold hair spray while your hair is still damp and work it through the roots. To finish it off hold your hair in place and spray from end to end.

try what you want and tell me how well it worked
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Date:April 15th, 2005 02:53 pm (UTC)

Re: heres more

alright thanks man....i think im gonna try number 11 cuz it said it held 15" spikes and thats probably a lil longer than mine..thanks again ill talk to you later
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